Headaches Treatment Options

The first thing we need to do is give you a thorough oral exam to determine if there is evidence of a clenching or grinding (also known as “bruxing”) habit or TMD. If so, there are things we can recommend for immediate and long-term relief. Sometimes eating softer foods for a few days can reduce stress on the muscles and joints. Ice and/or moist heat can help relieve soreness and inflammation. Gentle stretching exercises, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications such as ibuprofen, and muscle relaxants can also provide relief.

Finally, we may recommend that you wear a custom-made nightguard when you sleep. This plastic oral appliance, which fits over the teeth, can control or even eliminate clenching and grinding, reducing pressure on the muscles that work the jaw and the jaw joint itself. Some users have reported that their headaches or even migraines are less frequent and/or less intense.

Will a custom nightguard or other TMD therapy relieve your headaches? It depends on the source of the problem. But living with chronic headaches or facial pain is no fun. So please come in for an exam and consultation and let’s evaluate your problem.

If you are experiencing frequent headaches, please contact us at TMJ & Sleep Apnea Help Center of Glendale, CA for more information on headache treatment. Dr. Davoudi will be able to work with you to find relief from your pain.


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